Pink/Gray Silicone Baby Bibs Set, Pack of 2–Adjustable Feeding Bibs–Easy to Clean Waterproof Dinner Aprons for Children–Features Food Catching Pouch

  • ❤️SOFT & FOOD SAFE MATERIAL – This set of silicone baby bibs have been made with 100% waterproof and food grade silicone. The silicone is completely safe for your baby as it has been food grade certified for quality.
  • ❤️CATCHES ALL SPILLS – Thanks to our adjustable bibs’ built in bottom pouch, it easily catches any food that might spill when feeding your baby. Perfect for keeping your little one’s clothes clean during meal time.
  • ❤️EASILY ADJUSTABLE – Our toddler dinner bibs are easily adjustable, providing the perfect fit for babies and toddlers. The adjustability of our waterproof silicone bibs provides an extra level of comfort to your baby, ensuring they aren’t too tight.


  • ❤️CUTE & COLORFUL – We wanted to help get your baby or toddler excited for meal time, so we’ve designed our baby bid set in two cute and adorable colors (Orange/Blue), helping make mealtime less fussy and more fun.
  • ❤️SIMPLE TO CLEAN – Due to being made with 100% food grade silicone, our toddler bib set is perfectly easy to clean. You can clean it them the dishwasher or hand clean them using warm water and wiping them down with a damp rag. 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY: Any time ask for a refund without any question asking.