Here at Kcuina, we are a small family run business. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your baby is able to fully enjoy their meals without becoming fussy and stubborn. Making sure that they get all of their proper nutrients with each meal so that they can grow up to live a happy and healthy life. One major way we help accomplish this is by supplying high-quality, innovative, and baby safe silicone utensils. Each one designed to help keep you and your baby calm and excited so that they’re able to completely finish every meal with a smile on their face.



The silicone bib,  plate,  bowl and spoon are all made with 100% food grade, and FDA approved silicone. They are also entirely BPA, PVC, PHTHALATE, and lead-free, making sure no harmful chemicals or particles end up in your toddler’s food.

Soft and Spill Proof Bibs

The two adjustable bibs in this set have been expertly designed to be extra soft and easily adjustable so that when your toddler is wearing it, they’re not uncomfortable. The silicone bibs also feature a small curve at the bottom that will catch stray food that’s fallen from their spoon, making clean up a breeze.

Adorable and Colorful Designs

The silicone utensil in our baby dinner set come in 2 soft, yet delightfully adorable colors that will help calm your little one so that when it’s time to eat, they won’t be fussy. Saving you from frustration and headaches.

Suction Cup Plate and Bowl

If your baby or toddler has a habit of tossing their plates and bowls on the floor, then our silicone divided plate and suction bowl in this set will ensure they can’t create any more spills thanks to the smart suction cup designs. They’re strong enough to lock the plate and bowl in place so your baby can’t move them when eating

Easy to Heat Up and Clean

When it’s time to heat up your baby’s food, you can easily pop the plate and bowl into the microwave as each of them are completely microwave safe. Then when mealtime is over, each piece can go into the dishwasher or simply be cleaned with soap and warm water.


Our toddler dinner bibs are easily adjustable, providing the perfect fit for babies and toddlers. The adjustability of our waterproof silicone bibs provides an extra level of comfort to your baby, ensuring they aren’t too tight.

Always use adult supervision.

Never leave child unattended. Remove and discard all packaging materials properly and inspect product before use. Always check food temperature before feeding. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness.